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Welcome to M.A.C.S! M.A.C.S. is a Military Artifacts and Collectibles store owned by Mac West. These pages are to give you an opportunity to see what kinds of things Mac has in his store. If you're interested in any of these items, or want to know if Mac can find, or has, something else, you should email him, call him, or fax him. He is very reachable, very knowledgable and has LOTS of very cool stuff!!! Click here to see pictures of Mac's place.


cheapeux1880s-90s Staff Officer or Naval Militia California State cheapeau. Made by William H. Horstmann and Co. (marked in crown), has name on indisde of leather sweat band A. Suthland. Very good to fine. $350
boonie2U.S. Army 1961-63 Theater made Boonie Hat Single rocker blue bevo Vietnam $125
busbyVictornian fur Busby to the Royal Canadian Mounted Artillery. Comes in its original tin with attached plaque, named to wearer. $1500.00
hatoneVietnam period Field Grade Officer's Dress White visor cap (identified) vietnam made, has markers logo inside Siagon, also has card inside to Gilbert Rodney Batchman, history enlisted man 1948-1951, West Point Class 1955, vietnam service artillery, retired 1970. Extra Fine condition. Price $150
shakoPrussian Guard Jaeger shako (unmarked - c.1916) excellent condition $800
tarbucktc 1833-37 Militia White leather Shako (tarbucket) has original makers paper label Thedore Christie, Boston. Has brass visor and 3/4 starburst with letters "F" and "I" (I believe stands for Fencible Infantry, probably from New York) has red 1.5" felt ribbon encircling from left side bottom to center upper white leather circlet with button. Pompom remade (large red over white feathers). Has large chinchain and cerca 1825 side buttons one on a 6 point star. Very impresive and colorful. Black leather band 1" around bottom of shako. Has .5" brass ring around crown of shako (see photo). Condition very good to fine. Price $1500


usmcamo U.SD.MC WWI Cammo Set, Type 2. This is the shirt.
camopant Here are the pants from the set. Pants are marked M.G.M. and are a bit brighter than the shirt . $500.00 for the set.
usmchbtU.S.M.C. WWII H.B.T. Two piece set. Mint condition $400.00 for the Set. This is the shirt from the set.
usmcpantThese are the pants from the set.
mesdressU.SD.MC Dress Mess Uniform circ. 1927. This set features gold over sterling bullion trim on coat, pants and cap. Group consists of : Coat, Pants, Cap, Cape and Sword. $5000.00 for the whole thing. This is the jacket.
mespantHere are the pants.
sleaveHere is a close-up of the sleave.


belt1890's 100 round bandoleer in 30/40 kraig. Mac is asking $300.00 (Please excuse my fingers in the background).
belt21892 .38 cal. pistol belt. Keeper is replacement. $200.00


goldsetThis is a 1950's Romanian army officers dagger, belt and the hangers. It is really gorgeous! Mac asks for $450.00 for this set.
vnknifeThis is a 70's, 80's SEAL Team Knife. BUCK #184. It is very rare, and Mac is asking $450.00
knife2This is a Vietnam Randall fighting knife and sheath. It is named to T.L. Sebring. It is $850.00
sqrknifeThis is an Eight Dollar Mountain Foundry fighting knife. The first one was made for their son who participated in Desert Storm. All his friends wanted one too, so close to 200 were produced. This example is numbered 170. Price on request.


africaAfrika Corps Campaign Cuff Title $200.00
ribbonRibbon of A.K. SS Sleeve Eagles. $65.00. Very Cool Looking! See this one for sure in the close up.
guidonThis is a WWI U.S. Enngineer Guidon. It is a bit frayed around the edges. $55.00
nflagWWII Kriegsmarine Furher Stantart. $3500.00/ Sorry, this beauty is SOLD


nap1This is a French Legion of Honor, 1st Empire neck order medal. Mac will give you the price if you request it.
nap2This is a Bavarian Star to the Order of St. Michael. Mac will give you the price if you request it.
nap3This is a Monntinegro Badge to the Order of Danilo. It is $550.00
nap4.This is a Montinegro Star to the Order of Danilo. It is $500.00


grenade This is a WWI German Stick Grenade. It is complete, is well marked, you can look in the close-up. It is $300.00


squadronThis is a Theater made Air Ferry Command patch. Mac asks $150.00. Go ahead and click on it to see it up close!

hombutton cheapeux mesdress belt goldset guidon nap1 grenade squadron email

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